Friday, 18 January 2013

Inner work of the Soul

Today I am going to share a sense within me that something has changed. Whether this is wishful thinking now that we are in the new age past 21-12-2012 or whether it is a tangible real experience I guess is not important as long as the journey is real and the soul is nourished.

I know from nearly 20 years of taking part in many inner child, personal growth, healing workshops, retreats and programs that my mind, body and spirit are all one, all part of the spirit body and all must be in harmony to have a fully conscious, spiritually aware life experience, that is nurturing and fulfilling to my soul.

Photo Source Path to Truth
This year is going to hold for us all everything that we are prepared and ready to step up and claim. It is only in having the courage to step beyond what is known to us and comfortable that we will grow and learn. Taking a leap of faith that all will be delivered to us in a timely and appropriate manner.

My biggest growth and positive changes have always been as a result of going through or completing a process in which I have been fearful, uncomfortable, even terrified at stages as I so tightly tried to hold on to what I knew from the past. If we want life to change, improve and become all that we deserve we must be prepared to do something different to what we have been doing, receiving the same results.

When a deep knowing or instinct begins to stir in our heart, we start looking for a way to open to it, to be embraced by it, to integrate it into our life, and to serve it. It is by listening to these stirrings that we can open the sacred wellspring of all possibility. We must create an atmosphere in which we will be able to hear these messages. We need a variety of spiritual practices to do this, as we all know we can hear the same thing from many sources but it is one particular time that the light bulb goes on and we see for the first time what was truly meant. By gradually infusing the light of awareness and a sense of the sacred into every aspect of our lives we can create this space, this can be through daily meditation, body awareness, presence, prayer, communal worship, and the like. Always it is through being present.

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We should never say we are too busy or do not have time to be still to enable us to seek the answer from within. I know how easy this is, I have been an expert at keeping busy, it is through doing this that we are distracting ourselves from doing the greatest work we can, healing ourselves. When my mother became gravely ill last year, the busier I got all so I did not have to sit and feel what my body and spirit were going through watching this transition that place. I have always known how vitally important it is to do these practices, as I know that you can create dis-ease within your body by not allowing grace to take the necessary steps to process life's happenings. I tell you every soul no matter how busy has time to do this, for it should be as important as breathing. So make time to be still and allow grace to work in and through each one of you.

It seems with the cosmic shifts that have taken place something internal has also shifted in me and I am now not resisting these practises etc. I always had to have noise within the home either TV, radio, CD's etc and this is another form of distraction, now I find I am comfortable going about my day in a home of silence being present in each task I undertake.

Living your life consciously and authentically, exploring what it means to be connected with spirit and
your own intuition and to practise this in everyday life, allows us to celebrate who we are and what we can contribute to the whole through living spiritually.

Are you hearing the call of your heart and soul to deepen your inner connection to spirit and your own
inner wisdom?

Wisdom does not come from having experiences. Wisdom comes from reflecting on one’s life experiences. It is critical to do this, it is from this awareness all the inner work becomes possible and effective. Acknowledging, healing and letting go of old wounds, angers, hurts and victim mentality is how we grow and step beyond what has been and create the new life we wish for. We must be free and clear to allow new ways of being to enter our psyche. When we look at our life we become aware of any story that we are holding onto, if I am not the victim then who am I?

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When we look at the stories of our past with distance we are able to see the contributions these experiences have given our life. The failed marriage I had gave me the skills of being independent and resourceful. I have then gone on in my life to use these to create consciously the life that I am living now. The more we review our life, and we can do this, by deeply feeling our emotions and grievings  without staying within the painful experience any longer than we wish to, the more we can  learn and grow as an individual. The beliefs of parents, teachers, authoritive figures in our lives that once served us to get through the tough situations of the past probably no longer serve us now and it is in being willing to let these go and reform our beliefs to those of our own creating that will serve us into the future. As a child in a domestic violent household I learnt that being silent and keeping out of the way served me very well and I became a master of being invisible, however in my adult life this behaviour was holding me back, making me feel resentful of all the things I was missing out on. Through changing this behaviour and speaking up and sharing my essence with others and being part of the community my soul has been filled with love and nourishment from other individuals and life has become the exciting journey I now live. 

Having a divine intelligence present within us through our daily practices allows us to achieve these things more easily and give us the inner calm and strength that culminates into the willingness to do this the greatest work of our lives. We do not even have to believe or understand this process for the benefits to become more than clear. The ability to trust in the divine intelligence we hold within and let go of our ego selves will create the tranquillity and wholeness we seek in ourselves. This deep connection to spirituality is what is needed to change our daily lives from being one of doing into days of being, acting not from the ego but from spirit and allowing spirit to guides us. When we learn to listen to this guidance and hear the calling of our soul our gifts and talents come to the forefront and we live our lives with open hearts and with focused intention.

Letting go of what does not serve us any longer is also something that can bring up fears and uncertainty in our lives. We have attachments to people, places and things, attitudes and beliefs in our lives that through conscious analysis can be altered as many times as needed along our journey as we change. It is only through awareness and surrender and trust that in letting go we allow the space for something new to step into our lives. As they say "When one door closes another opens", as long as we have eye to see it, "When the student is ready the teacher appears". This is what our lives to this point have prepared us for, the most important work we can ever do. Your life will be filled with radiance, passion, love and synergy.

Photo Source Path to Truth
Once these changes have been achieved living in a genuine spiritual community, with people who also walk along similar paths to yourself can be a blessings and powerful connection to spirit. Retreats convey the advantages of life in a spiritual community on a temporary basis. Periodic retreats, in which we focus entirely on the work of presence, deepening awareness, and opening our heart, can prove enormously beneficial in reinvigorating our inner work. 

In our normal life situation, a group meeting, attended regularly, offers an external reminder, a source of energy, and a shared commitment, enabling us to maintain our practice in the face of life’s many distractions and pressures. A group which does not collectively do a practice such as meditation, pray, or similar interaction can miss a great opportunity. Discussion alone even when profound and heartfelt does not touch the inner soul in the same way. Just as practice alone does not receive the benefit of shared experiences and insights that are spoken by each member of the group from a place of vulnerability and truth. We are all unique and thrive in different environments however if we can get the balance right our transformation can be ongoing and continuing without limitation. We are the only ones that can do the work necessary however support from others is always beneficial. 

If we do this work we will be people who radiate positiveness and have a glow as they walk through there day that others enjoy, lifting their spirits, this is my work and I strive to slowly and nurturing continue my great journey, taking steps consciously as I go.

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