Monday, 11 March 2013

Lakes Entrance

Staying at the farm in the Lakes Entrance area of Victoria was so restful and soul nourishing. With no other properties near the farm I had a profound feeling of being alone in nature. No mobile signal or internet being available also allowed me not to be distracted by the everyday workings of the world as I sat on the verandah viewing the paddocks with sheep, cows, pigs, geese and numerous bird life and the sounds of nature for company makes you take time for yourself that is otherwise sometimes lacking.

Our cottage at Kookaburra Farm Stay.

Farm grown vegetable garden.

Kookaburra Farm Stay's beautiful tranquil garden at the farm.

This mother pig had given birth a few weeks before we arrived at the farm.

Four very healthy baby piglets.

Geese were free range and a source for local restaurants.

Sheep were also raised on the farm and then supplied as meat products to the local community.
Listening to the earth wake each morning and go to sleep at night was something very special we do not hear in the city. Then there are the night sky's which can't be put into words, with more stars than you think are possible to view all the way down to the tree line. Just standing and watching in the stillness and dark makes one feel very humble.

We did drive along the Great Alpine Road to Mount Hotham standing 1868m one day and the country side was breathtakingly beautiful.

A rare site of an Echidna in the wild. We were actually blessed with two sightings of Echidna whilst in Victoria.

Grandview Lookout at Orbost.
The river was friend and foe to the locals unleashing mighty floods and leaving rich alluvial soil.

The original road bridge beside the new concrete bridge.

The slab hut was built in 1872 by settlers to Orbost living upstream from Orbost. It was reconstructed in 1987 using original slabs and building techniques. Orbost developed from 1881 as the population increased and settlers came to farm the rich floodplains. 

The Tourist Informaiton Centre in Orbost was the most wonderful surprise a shame there is not a prise for the most loved and well cared for centre in Australia this would surely win.

A gentle 15 minute loop track winds it's way through temperate rainforest on the banks of Cabbage Tree Creek with sheltered sitting areas amongst the Lilly Pilly and Yellow wood with vines twisting skyward and palms towering overhead. The Cabbage Fan Palm is the only native palm to extend into Victoria.

Cabbage Tree Creek walk was another stop along the road were we stretched our legs.
The view from Mount Hotham.

The Big Merino in Goulburn was wearing a splendid hand crafted scarf.

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