Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Creation of the Blog

I have created this blog for many reasons, it is the culmination of a little voice inside telling me that I need to meditate daily. Despite this voice over a couple of years still saying the same thing, that my health - mind - spirit will all benefit, my creating a beautiful mediation room and not working therefore having all the time to enable this to happen, it has not.

Years ago I was told that I had guides that wished to connect with me (something that I had longed for - to have that greater connection) I just had to listen, then again two weeks ago I received the same message off another lovely lady, Sue McCluskey (her website of artwork is at http://coloursoflight.bislr.com/).

My personal artwork by Sue McCluskey
This oil painting that Sue created she explained is my guide John and he also says that I have to just be still and listen. The southern cross in the sky is where I feel the most comfortable just being, under grandmother moon sitting on our mother earth at night. 

Five weeks ago I attended the Women for Women Forum at the Town Hall and was moved by some of the speakers there to listen to my inner knowing. Karen Burge who was the co-creator of the Forum is a great believer in gratitude as a daily practise, so again I was being nudged to take action. She publishes the Wellbeing Guide for Newcastle and the Hunter keeping us all informed as to what is happening to keep community together the link to the guide is http://www.spiritualguide.com.au/.

A week ago I drove to Queensland to attend the Australian Goddess Conference (the Goddess Association in Australia Inc website http://www.goddessassociation.com.au/) and it was cemented that it was time to step up and make this space for myself. A very wise elder at the conference Anique Radiant Heart spoke with me about daily practise and I knew that if I was serious about my future journey this was the step I needed to take. Anique creates the most amazing CD's of sacred song with her voice that transports you to another place and these have become part of my daily practise also. Her link of sacred music is http://www.goddess.net.au/ these songs have given me much comfort over the years.

The Newcastle Attendees Sue, Jann, Dani, Sienna, Sue, Disey, Selene & Josh with the addition of Tess & Shelly
Whilst driving home from the conference Kevin (my husband - life partner who supports me in all things that I wish to undertake - I am always in awe of the time he will spend to help me be myself and grow - giving me space when required comfort when needed - in this case blog education and guidance) and I were talking and he mentioned that writing is our way to make very clear in our minds our thoughts and intentions. He therefore agreed that a blog would be ideal to place these thoughts down in writing making them very real and then exposing them for others to read would further ensure my clarity of thinking. Writing he believes is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to accelerate your personal development, by getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them down in writing, you gain insights you'd otherwise never see. He knows that I have always struggled with journaling and this would be my ultimate journal.

Kevin and I a couple of months ago in Kakadu at Twin Falls 
My intent therefore will be to process previous events, clarify my thinking, understand the context, notice my feelings, connect with my heart, record significant lessons and ask questions. By doing this I hope to find healing with honest, trusting and non-judgemental comments which will balance, harmonize and strengthen my sense of self so I will see the importance of the whole picture and create a greater sense of being connected. By shifting to the observer in blogging I will be on a journey of self discovery where my thoughts can be held and integrated more fully exploring spirituality, focusing on my desires and needs and enhancing myself expression.

Another interesting fact is that I am choosing to launch the blog today 30th October on the full moon which is in Taurus which helps us to ground whatever we have been thinking about with practical action. This has been coming through sense the last new moon two weeks ago.

Photo from http://static.freepik.com/free-photo

As it so well phrased on http://www.globaldreamwhisperer.com/dream-temple/october-moon/ this is a moon phase to focus on nurturing and developing your relationships. During the Wild (or Wind) Moon, it's an excellent opportunity to maintain and nurture relationships and connections. This is both personal and business connections and most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. Out external relationships are important and open communication creates a deeper more enriching connection. It's also about having a healthy relationship with yourself.

Another interesting phrase that came across my desk on Friday was from my friends at TUT. They send out a daily email of inspiration that is always pertinent. Friday's message was - You may feel capable and secure in your ability to make important decisions today. This could bring a new sense of confidence to your work activities, or it might urge you to take your personal endeavours to the next level. Since this mind set can give you the courage to take bolder steps towards your goals, you may want to devote a period of time to invite inspired ideas about new actions that can enhance your efforts today. These emails are always inspiring and thought provoking and I strongly encourage anyone to join this free email list on http://www.tut.com/.

So you can see the message has gotten through to me on many levels that this is the time for me to step up and put myself first which is something that I have not done well in the past. I trust that the accountability of the blog will ensure my continued practise (as my nature is not to let down or disappoint others).

As I am facing difficult times with my mother being terminally ill (after only a week being away at conference the change has been again very dramatic in her deterioration and this has been the way the universe had made me be still and listen), and my nature is to retreat from others and become insular the blog will be my first step in staying connected to my community both close and personal and larger.

You are more than welcome to follow this journey with me if you are interested by becoming a follower of the blog. I would welcome your input and company, please let me know your are following, you will get to know me better as a result.

My focus at the start of this blog will be to take the 21 days of gratitude challenge. The idea is to help you take note of the brighter side of life. Sharing gratitude can revitalise our commitment to living life in a sensitive way, full of grace. Each day you take time to appreciate the blessings in life.

For today with a little nervous excitement of where the blog will take us I say goodbye.


"I honour the place within you where the entire universe resides, I honour the place within you of love, of light, of truth, of peace, I honour the place within you, where when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."


Daisy Fairmeadow said...

Blessed be dear sister, I am following your journey. Love to you.

Lee-Anne said...

Welcome to the blog Flora.

Gab 50 said...

Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to following your journey.

Lee-Anne said...

Thanks Gab it is very exciting